Richard's studies in african drumming and music took place at the Univeristy of Toronto under the direction of Dr. Russell Hartenberger and Joseph Ashong. He also took master classes with Abraham Adzenyah at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

Richard has performed with the african drumming and dance group 'Kekeli', under the direction of Kwasi Dunyo. Tabla studies took place at the University of Toronto with Dr. James Kippen. He also took classes on tabla with pandit Sharda Sihai for one summer. Indonesian gamelan studies at the University of Toronto under the direction of Dr. Annette Sanger. Richard has also worked with the Escola de Samba de Toronto and performs regularly with the flamenco trio 'Plakaso'. He has also studied privately with Rick Shadrach Lazar: working with afro-cuban rhythms and brazilian samba.

Currently, Richard is playing in the Samba Camp (Samba Squad) under the direction of Rick Shadrach Lazar. He is also studying dumbek, riqq and duff under middle-eastern drummer, Suleiman Warwar.